Beginning Thurs., April 14:

FOUR SEASONS LODGE Broadcast Premieres Coming in NYC, LA and Miami!

Screening on stations across the country, from New York to Los Angeles to Baton Rouge, North Dakota, Salt Lake City and more

New York City WNET ch. 13 — Thurs April 14, 9pm *
Troy/Albany WMHT — Thurs April 28, 7:30P and May 1, 6pm
Long Island WLIW — Sat April 30, 8pm
Miami WPBT — Sun May 1, 5pm
LA KCET — Sun May 1, 9pm

  • Check Local Listings for Additional Broadcast Times

More Stations are Requesting FOUR SEASONS every day!

American Public Television has begun to offer the new PBS-cut nationally.

The precedent-setting, life-affirming documentary about Holocaust survivors who rejoice in the remarkable extended family they created in the Catskills, is coming to TV stations across the country.

If your local PBS station hasn’t scheduled the film, please contact your local affiliate and ask them to show it. Many of the stations who are screening Four Seasons Lodge agreed to schedule it after receiving a handful of calls or emails from viewers like you.

For local PBS station contact information, go to:


Schools and universities can now purchase the film for classes, community screenings, library collections. Please use the form linked here.

Possibly interested in inviting some of the lodgers or filmmakers to come speak? Contact .

And Exciting News: The Naides Fund and the David Sherman Philanthropic Fund have just provided funding to help complete an educational-length cut and educational materials with the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource at Queensborough Community College—CUNY.


12.10.10: Happy Hanukkah!

We’re extending the price reduction on the DVD (featuring never before seen extras) through Jan. 1.  And if you have the inclination or desire to see the film on PBS, please contact your local affiliate, and let them know why. What’s your connection to the subject? Do you think it will be widely appreciated by their audience?  Unless enough requests go in, the film will not likely be picked up — so everyone appreciates your support.

Contact info for PBS is at this link:


As part of the lead up to theNovember 11 launch date for FSL in theatersThe New York Times has posted the film’s new trailer. Check it out.

09.20.09 FOUR SEASONS LODGE set to begin its theatrical run with premiere at the IFC CENTER in NYC, Nov. 11! Look for updates on special events at the theater that whole week: meet the filmmakers, meet the lodgers, celebrate with all of us at premier events. Please sign up on the mailing list for updates. We’re also looking for community organizations to help get the word out. For more information on how groups can be involved,click here. After a stellar run in NYC, the film will go national! So help us bring these positive, fully-realized people, this new spin on survival, out to the rest of the country, to have a giant-sized impact.

08.02.09 Special screening and reception this week, Tuesday Aug. 4th, in Washington, DC. For details go to the DCJCC here, and keep track of ourscreenings here, or via the link on the left.

07.03.09 So far, the film has been made entirely through incredibly generous support from hundreds of individuals, and a dozen foundations. We’re so close to having what we need to complete the film, we need to do one more set of layoffs, we’re in the thick of negotiating music rights, and we really want to hire an editor that can jump into cutting more of the 240 hours of footage not in the documentary, into bites for classroom use. Then we’ll have to work on outreach, to see the project fulfills its impact potential. To complete the project, we need about 30k. To move forward with DVD ‘extra’ that make the film useable for classrooms, and to do outreach and so on, we need about an additional 40k. Every piece right now counts tremendously. We’ve done the whole work through a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Four Seasons Project. Donations to support the project can be given online (see the Make it Possible link), or by check.

07.01.09 Just did a successful screening at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center – between 60 and 100 people were expected, but the hall was packed with 186 people. Strong Q&A.

06.22.09 We screened at the Provincetown Int’l Film Festival over this past week – Both screenings went well – sold-out (the first screening oversold, people standing at the back). It’s a great festival. Matt went to present the film, had a great time, saw many great films. NO IMPACT MAN, by one of our filmmakers, cinematographer Justin Schein, also screened in Ptown – the film is on the fest circuit and coming soon to a theater near you.

05.15.09 We’re on the lookout for fundraising potential. We’re so close to finishing the film, but definitely need some donations that will allow us to do another set of layoffs, get out of debt, and jump into making the DVD extras. We’ve got this far on donations and grants to the 501(c)(3) Four Seasons Project non-profit, but we just need that extra push that will let us launch the film into the world. Andrew and Matt will have to do months of promotion and outreach – we need funding for phone calls. And we feel strongly about making classroom-length-appropriate DVD ‘extras.’ But to do that, to really share the rest of the campers’ stories, we need to hire an editor… So close, yet it feels like a big hurdle. Please give by clicking on the “Make it Possible” link, or send a donation to the office. Thanks.

Independent-film distributor First Run Features announced their acquisition of North-American rights to FOUR SEASONS LODGE. Soon we’ll be able to announce the theatrical opening date and plans for the film to screen across the country!
Marc Mauceri, V.P. of First Run Features says, “FOUR SEASONS LODGE is unique in that while it confronts weighty issues like aging and the legacy of the Holocaust, it also is both life-affirming and uplifting.  It’s a film we strongly believe in..” You can read the full press release here. The news has been picked up by news media, including Reuters, The Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC,IndiewireNewsday, and more each day.

02.01.09 FOUR SEASONS wins the Audience Award at the Miami Jewish Film Festival – Closing out a run of festivals in Miami, Atlanta, Palm Beach, Poland, New Jersey, London, the Hamptons and the Bay Area, we’re thrilled by audience response, and honored to take the award. Consistently, audience seems to be reacting to the film as a return to classic documentary and by literally (all clichés aside) laughing and crying.

01.15.09 FOUR SEASONS is currently making plans to screen in more fests and special one-off screenings in the spring, including a screening at U.C. Santa Barbara on April 19, the Detroit Jewish Film Festival (May 4-7), and a special Yom Hashoah screening in Portland, Maine.

12.15.08 Producer Matt Lavine has returned from screening the film at the WATCHDOCS: Human Rights in Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland, and at the Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival. Audience attendance was really strong: in Warsaw the film nearly sold-out a 600-seat theater, and almost the whole audience stayed for a 40-min translated Q and A. Matt was stunned by the power of the film on people – especially young people – for whom the War is still impactful. He’d also never quite realized how valuable the translation work was on the film. (The festival had created and inserted Polish titles for the English, Hebrew, Yiddish and German portions.) In Palm Beach, Matt was joined by some of the Lodgers – including Genya, the Cantor, and Ester Geizhals, for a moving discussion.

10.20.08 Hamptons Festival a Smashing Success
Rave Reviews. Sold-Out Screenings. Audience Ovations!
They laughed, they wept, they left the theater with an extra bounce in their step. FOUR SEASONS LODGE was an undisputed hit last weekend in the Hamptons, where the film quickly sold out two scheduled screenings and landed a third — one of only a handful of 120 films to do so. Audiences stood up and cheered as the credits rolled  – even more so after our Saturday screening, when several of the film’s subjects showed up to take a bow. And it wasn’t just audiences that loved FOUR SEASONS LODGE.Newsday described it as a“must-see” film and the Hamptons media roundly praised the film. but here’s a taste from the Independent, which said … “…the shiniest gem of the bunch may well be a little known documentary called Four Seasons Lodge… an uplifting, life-affirming piece that is thoroughly absorbing. There is an intricate drama built into the unscripted story that provides a bittersweet tension throughout … The film is a subtle exploration of aging and death but also a celebration of life. Like many great films, the storyline twists and turns and comes to a surprising end. Make a point of seeing this film, it is a remarkable one.”

Although we had some serious Hollywood competition, FOUR SEASONS LODGE generated unrivaled buzz among filmmakers and movie-goers alike.
Our splash at the Hamptons Film Festival followed an equally successful debut on the West Coast, where the previous week, we played to sold-out crowds at the Mill Valley Film Festival just across the bay from San Francisco.
One thing we’ve learned from all these screenings is that the film’s appeal is unmistakably broad: audiences both Jewish and Gentile, young and old are falling in love with the Lodgers.
In the coming weeks, the roll-out continues, with screenings in London, Palm Beach, Warsaw, Miami, Atlanta, New Brunswick and Boston. CLICK HERE FOR A FESTIVAL SCHEDULE.

We’re on’ a roll!  In the coming months FOUR SEASONS LODGE will premiere at a dozen festivals around the country, and the world. For those of you in the New York area, we’d love to see you in East Hampton, where the film will be featured at one of the country’s most important showcases for independent and documentary movies. The film will screen at the United Artists Theater in East Hampton on Friday, Oct. 17 at 12 pm, and Saturday, Oct. 18 at 11 am. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND TO BUY TICKETS Come meet the filmmakers and the remarkable subjects of the film. After Saturday’s screening, join us for a post-screening bagels and lox reception, where we will celebrate the film’s success and honor the Lodgers. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND TO BUY TICKETS

09.19.08 FOUR SEASONS Makes Bay Area Debut in October! The moving and unexpectedly joyous documentary will have its West Coast premiere next month at the Mill Valley Film Festival, one of the nation’s preeminent showcases for independent and documentary movies. The film will be screened on Oct. 11 and 12 in the rustic, redwood-shaded town of Mill Valley, just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND TO BUY TICKETS] These are exciting times for the film, which had a hugely successful world premiere this summer in Washington D.C., where FOUR SEASONS LODGE played to sold out audiences at the Silverdocs Festival. The press raved(CLICK HERE FOR FOX NEWS CLIP). The coming months will be just as thrilling, with screenings at festivals around the country, and the world. Among the stops are the London, Boston, New Jersey, Palm Beach and Miami. And more dates will be announced soon! To make sure there’s not an empty seat in the house, please tell your friends, relatives and fellow congregants about the film — And be sure to meet the director after the screenings.CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

Another bit of good news: Last month, FOUR SEASONS LODGE was honored by a generous gift from theRighteous Persons Foundation, which will help fund the education and outreach component of the film. To help support efforts to create educational materials for students, click here.

07.05.08 INCREDIBLE MEDIA RESPONSE TO FOUR SEASONS LODGE Premier at SILVERDOCS: From theWashington Times to Fox News,Indiewire to Variety to The Jewish Press, press is beginning to discover the film. The DC Fox News affiliate took a special look at the film, running a segment the night of our first premiere featuring one of the film’s stars, Helga Grunberg (who joined us for the premiere screening panel) and Andrew Jacobs. They even did a “red carpet.” Click here to watch this excellent 2-minute segment.
Here are some other outstanding highlights:
“…packs more wisdom than the best therapy session” Washington Times’ Christian Toto, wrote for the Times and two affiliated blogs: “Four Seasons Lodge” has its share of horrifying stories, but Jacobs honored the survivors by focusing on their enthusiasm, not their tragic pasts…. most of the lodge guests refuse to act their age…. living well remains their preferred revenge…. These seniors are worth getting to know. They’re lively, comical and rarely do they share a cross word with one another…Let’s hope the movie finds a distributor soon. The documentary subjects deserve as big an audience as possible.
“lands in a class of its own” —Indiewire’s Eric Kohn, in his dispatch from Silverdocs wrote: by emphasizing the ability of elderly folks to retain their vitality with a strange sort of cosmically inspiring appreciation for shared experiences. (When the camera happens upon a resident whose concentration camp life included serving as a guinea pig for the experiments of the notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, he recalls with a shrug, “He liked me.”)
“an essential document…”SPOUT’s Karina Longworth: thoroughly engaging both a tribute to the pain of bearing witness and an embodiment of it. It’s impossible to watch it and not be acutely aware that there are only so many years left to get first-hand accounts of Holocaust horrors on film.
“…wildly enthusiastic reception at SILVERDOCS…”—Fest 21a crowd-pleasing look… These remarkable people, a collection of real “characters” are in their final years and it is clear that once they pass, a vital link to the history of what they witnessed threatens to be lost. The film’s wildly enthusiastic reception at SILVERDOCS promises an equally strong reaction from potential distributors in the weeks ahead.
Erin Torneo at Variety even highlighted “Four Seasons Lodge” as one of five films at Silverdocs “to revive ones faith in cinematic storytelling.”

06.23.08 SILVERDOCS was a tremendous success – two sold-out screenings – including one in the incredible 400-seat AFI Silver Theatre 1, a magnificent venue. Really strong press support, including pieces by the Washington Times and a segment on the DC Fox-affiliate! Will post the press links shortly.

05.22.08 At long last Four Seasons Lodge is going to have its WORLD PREMIERE at theSILVERDOCS: AFI/DISCOVERY CHANNEL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL in the Washington, DC, area. Screenings are on Tuesday, June 17, at 6:15, andSunday, June 22, at 5:30.

Silverdocs is a prestigious festival hosted by the American Film Institute, and we couldn’t be more proud. Click here for more information, or to buy tickets. Please come and join us, for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the world premiere and meet the filmmakers and explore the subject.

On the night of the 17th, the film will be immediately followed by a panel discussion in the theatre, with the director, a couple of the Lodgers, and more special guests. On the 22nd, the filmmakers will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A. If you have friends in the vicinity, please let them know.If you can suggest any organizations in the greater D.C. or Baltimore area that you think we might invite, pleaselet us know. Thanks!

05.12.08 FSL has been invited by the Boston Jewish FIlm Festival to do their Work-In-Progress Screening on the evening of June 11th. As it’s a prestigious festival, we feel honored. For more information, and to inquire about tickets,click here.

04.16.08 Kelly Sheehan, Executive Producer, shared the roughcut of the film to Andrew Levy’s class at CUNY Queensboro College, who, according the professor, have rarely if ever been so enthusiastic about a film. The universiality of the film’s themes – tackling the very American experience of creating your own family, and how meaningful it is to have community, seem to, at long last, be leaping off the screen. The young people (most of whom are about 20-years-old) really loved the music and the party scenes, and anumber expressed their desire to have that kind of life when they’re older. It was very exciting, and was quite helpful in terms of the edit process, to know which elements are clicking and which need some honing.

02.15.08 Amazing news: In an act of incredible generosity and faith, the Rosenthal Charitable Trust, on behalf of Monica and Philip Rosethal, has made a contribution to the film which vastly narrows our need for completion funding. We’re almost there! It’s difficult to find the words to properly express our gratitude, and our appreciation for so much faith shown by so many people, in the project.

01.11.08 As the film is in solid rough-cut work-in-progress stage, we’ve begun submitting to festivals, and sharing with a close circle of friends, to garner feedback; which, so far, is incredible.

10.9.07 Four Seasons Project is thrilled to have been recognized as one of the 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits in North America, in the just-published Slingshot 07.08. (more below…)

Slingshot is a guidebook and catalyst for next-generation funding, published by 21/64, a nonprofit consulting division of The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies. Each year, 50 of the most innovative organizations from the U.S. and Canada make the cut after an extensive evaluation process overseen by 25 foundation professionals. Four Seasons is honored to be selected by such an inspired project.

10.4.07 Plans for our Oct. 28 screening of selects from the rough cut in Forest Hills have solidified. There’s a great group out there, many of whom were Catskills vacationers themselves, and many of whom are survivors. It should be a really intense experience.

07.26.07 We’ve tripled our efforts to finely detail, log and transcribe, to completion, every potentially essential bit of the 225 tapes. Some segments are going to out-of -house transcribers, which pushes our budget line a bit, but more support continues to come in, and most of the work is done in-house, with our incredibly overly-qualified post-production assistant volunteers, with whom we’ve mapped out some new strategies.

07.24.07 We held an internal screening of about four hours of roughly assembled material, and broke out into a serious writing conversation. The themes of the work emerge stronger and stronger, and we can see all the pieces coming together.

07.20.07 We will be working with some friends at another non-profit, to oversee the development and publishing of the curricular materials that will accompany the film. A good number of educators from around the country have offered their experience and wisdom, and we will be reaching out to them to coordinate efforts, beginning in a few weeks.

07.12.07 Amazing news: The Foundation for Jewish Culture’s Fund for Jewish Documentary Filmmaking has just announced that we are receiving one of their completion grants this year – a whole $25,000 – which means that, as it comes in, we’ve broken the halfway mark on funding to complete the film! Thanks so much to all your support and belief – people have really entrusted us, and believe in the potential of the film.

07.2.07 As the Lodge has a bit of an undetermined future, the Lodgers have returned for one last final summer, this past weekend… And director Andrew, with Avi on camera, and post-production assistants Dan and Stephanie on second camera, sound, and general support, also went up. We’re doing quick pick-up shoots, now that we have the opportunity to think about the edit, and what elements we need to fill in. Avi, Andrew, Dan and Alana will go up for one Saturday (and one party), this coming weekend.

06.23.07 Major funding continues to come in, making the film work possible. Though the budget has crept up slightly, recent funding from the Hartley Film Foundation, the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Kathi and Peter Arnow, and Ralph Marash, is allowing us to move forward, full-steam ahead. You can see a full list of our major funders by clicking here.

06.15.07 We’ve brought in some help to translate the Polish and Yiddish conversation in the raw material, provided by some great folks, for a token remuneration.

05.25.07 Our May 22nd fundraiser was a huge success – thanks to all of you, and to our incredible and intrepid interns and volunteers, who went above and beyond to make the evening a success. We raised $7,851 from the event, and $17,851, if you count the grant from the Auchincloss discretionary fund that was inspired by the night, and a matching grant from the Rosenwald Foundation.

Join Us for a cocktail reception to benefit
“Four Seasons Lodge”
A documentary in post-production
Tuesday May 22, 2007
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Sara Meltzer Gallery
525-531 W 26th Street NYC
Selections from the film will be shown.
All contributions will be acknowledged in the credits of the film:
Special Thanks: $25+
Friends of the film: $100+
Funders: $1,000+
Major Funders: $10,000+
RSVP to: 646.723.4559 or

Musical performance by composer Eric Lewis.
Drinks courtesy of 44 North, Shango Rum, and XS Energy Drink.
Hors D’Oeuvre by Chef Rich Sullivan of Louie’s Westside Cafe.

04.26.07 Avi Kastoriano is upstate capturing some of the -pre-budding trees and nature piece. He’s been shooting these incredible pieces: locking the tripod down, matching the exact angle and camera settings, so that we can create the time-lapse seasonal nature segments of the film.

04.17.07 Some of the Lodgers convene to talk about the upcoming summer. Their gathering is filmed by Avi, with assistance by new intern-volunteer Dan Fridman.

04.15.07 Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day: Charles and Pola Swietarsky, from the Lodge, Andrew Jacobs, and some of the crew, go out to Temple Beth Shalom in Park Ridge, NJ, to talk about the project. The congregation asks some amazingly inciteful and tough questions, Charles and Pola are very moving. We’re all grateful that outreach coordinator Amy Fiedel has put this together.

03.18.07 We’ve been joined by more volunteers, helping us to log, transcribe and make notes on our more than 200 hours of footage.

02.28.07 It’s on! The Lodgers have been granted a reprieve, and will be returning for one final summer, 2007!

02.12.07 The outreach efforts, especially thanks to our point person Amy Fiedel, are going swimmingly well. Many orgs have forwarded info about the in-process film, and three or four have invited us to come and show excerpts, bring the Lodgers, and talk about the project. People seem to really want this to happen, which is thrilling. We’re talking with the Museum of Jewish Heritage about doing an event, and local JCCs and Congregations have invited the director to visit. It’s an auspicious rolling-out of the project.

01.26.07 We’ve got a rough-cut of the six-minute trailer. It looks beautiful. Rainlake is taking it to Realscreen to show it around.

01.7.07 Interviews with editors continue.

12.20.06 Donations continue to trickle in, which keeps our forward motion going. We’re putting out the word that we’re looking for an editor, and placing notices with colleges that we’re looking for interns. One piece of our editing strategy is to break all the pieces of tape down into logged segments – which creates opportunity for interns to learn editing, and creates a need for interns. We’re also trying to transcribe many of our 200+ hours. We’ve more formalized our relationship with Kelly Sheehan, who’s on board as an Executive Producer to help us fundraise. Kelly’s expertise includes reaching out to grantors and foundations. At her suggestion, we’ve posted a listing for an Outreach Intern.

12.8.06 We’ve begun editing our trailer! This is very exciting – not only will it be a pivotal tool for fundraising and getting word out about the film, it’s also the first chance for us to delve more deeply into what the film is about.

12.3.06 We’ve brought Associate Producer Elyssa Hess into the fold, full-time. Elyssa brings a lot of experience studying and working in post in college, and were happy she can apply that knowledge to our 200+ hours of tapes. We’ve expanded our volunteer/intern pool to include Martin Rajec and Boon Fox. And we’re looking to see if we can have another fundraiser. We’ve been getting advice from funders and fundraisers. Meanwhile, as we parse the footage we’re also conceiving an Education Plan. We know this doc will be great for students, and want to be sure we have the right materials, and the right partners to develop those materials.

11.30.06 We re-cut our Selects from the Work-in-Progress, and it looks beautiful. Additionally, we’ve just held a fundraiser (thank Steven Rubenstein for lending us his home). We got to unveil the piece of work we’ve done, and response was really satisfying. Even with this one fragment, people seem to get into it. Very inspiring. Additionally, Hymie Abromowitz (a prominent lodger, and piece of the doc) came to the screening, and everyone was excited to meet him. Even Albert Maysles came to the event – So that was a success. We really have to thank Karen Ching for volunteering to put the whole thing together. She has an amazing skill at handling events.

10.2.06 Our Work-In-Progress Selects Preview is finally ready to go public (after two intense weeks of writing and cutting with new Assistant Editor Vicky). Check out the link.

10.1.06 Tony Kushner officially endorses the project by joining our Advisory Board!

09.8.06 The Times-Record Herald publishes great articles on both the Lodgers and the film.

09.6.06 We move in withRainlake Films, as they take on some responsibilities for producing the film in association with us. Rainlake is an incredible crew. The production office is now located at 106 Franklin St., 3rd floor, NYC, 10013. We unpack all our footage, and begin to digitize and make dubs. This project is going to be so incredible and intense. We have over 200 hours of material to work from. We’re attempting to put together a trailer and rough clips sequence in the next few weeks.

09.23.06 The last day at the Lodge – it’s really strange. Tearful goodbyes.

09.22.06 The last party at the Four Seasons Lodge is emotional – Will this be their last party together? Deli meats are served, arranged beautifully on the platters (the Lodgers prepare the meals and the hall together). The performer is very lounge, he has an incredible voice. Just about everyone dances, including Hymie. Hymie also reads a poem, in Yiddish, summoning up all their years together. We’ve brought up two cameramen, to capture as much as we can. It’s incredibly cold out – it rains all weekend again. Nature seems to agree that this is a sad occasion, and summer is ending all too abruptly.
Earlier on Saturday, Justin and Matt sit in on the Shabbat service in the Shul. We find ourselves wondering about faith, religion and community. Both make some efforts to follow the prayers – though they’re read at a rapid clip. At the Saturday lunch, Hymie passes out a poem for the new year.

08.28 – 29.06 Albert Maysles returns to shoot at Four Seasons, has an incredible time. The crew is moved by his amazing stories.

09.27.06 With the Lodgers support – Avi, under the direction of Jacobs, films a sequence of them playing cards, focusing on their tattoos. We’re grateful to be working with people who so readily open up their lives to us.

08.17.06 Two new filmmakers have joined the Advisory Board- and are offering their support and advice. Donations continue to trickle in. We begin asking people to help us put together a fundraising committee.

Aug. ’06: NEXTBOOK READER (“A Gateway to Jewish Literature, Culture & Ideas”) has written us up on their site.

07.31 – 08.06.06 Avi Kostoriano is filming at the Lodge, the first four days by himself. Avi is from Israel, and the Lodgers really take to him. He’s invited in for soup, lunches and dinners. One thing we don’t have to worry about much on location is food.

07.16.06 Everyone who’s gone up to meet the folks at the Lodge (including back-up sound guy Dan Izens) have been incredibly moved. There’s something about their perspective – it’s inexplicable. It’s a profoundly warm-hearted, but sharp, pragmatic optimism. It’s a good thing we’re making a documentary, and can show them, because it’s incredibly hard to relate in text.

Filmmaker Magazine has written up the project in their Summer issue. It’s gratifying to see this kind of support and attention. We’re beginning to feel that people in the film world realize this is a story that hasn’t been told before. We’re also talking with Rainlake Films about forming some kind of partnership to share the production. They’re very strong in post-production, and have done some solid films. We’ve begun looking at the first of the footage, now transfered to VHS, and we begin to see themes.

07.1 – 07.4.06 Our first full season shoot begins, with Maestro Albert Maysles, returning from a visit to Haiti just the previous day. Al is in fine form along with the rest of the crew… Highlights of the weekend include Saturday night at the Casino, in which folks get dressed up, dine, and then dance to live entertainment from a band and Russian torch singer Irina Fogelson. The men break briefly to attend Schul. The crew also captures the town of Ellenville’s 4th of July festivities aided by Four Seasons Lodger Sam; nightly card games, and colorful conversations unfolding on the balmy lawns of the Four Seasons.

06.17.06 Andrew J and cameraman Avi Kastoriano film Helga Grunberg and her daughter(s) in Queens and then head up to the Lodge for a day of reminiscence about the place over the years. Helga is grief-stricken that the Lodge has been sold and decided to rent her place out this last summer.

04.06 – 06.06 Justin S., Andrew F., Avi, Todd and Christian shoot numerous preliminary background interviews of Four Seasons Lodgers, including Joe Fox, Esther Geizhals and companion Sydney, Charles and Pola Swietarski, and Victor and Regina Lewis. The interviews are shot in peoples’ year-round homes around the NY metro area. They provide an insightful and fascinating look at the survivors’ stories and post-war lives, in contrast to footage being shot over the summer, which will be more aimed at capturing the day in and day out events, and the summer rhythm, of life at the Four Seasons Lodge.

05.9.06 Hymie and Carl open up the Lodge: dealing with plumbing, electricity, leaks. The filmmakers can feel its history, and realize that the place itself has an amazing character.

03.23 – 03.24.06 Andrew J. and Justin S. spend two days down in Miami recording the stories of two Four Seasons longtimers, Anita Skorecky and Helga Gruenberg, in and around their homes.

03.9.06 Flights are being booked, arrangements made for Andrew J. and Justin .

03.1.06 Funding requests have begun to go out. For more information,
click here

01.06.06 Albert Maysles comes on board as Director of Photography: On January 2nd, coproducer Matthew Pond and director Andrew Jacobs met with Mr. Maysles to discuss his involvement. The award-winning cinematographer is really excited about the project, and meeting the folks at the Four Seasons Lodge. To learn more,
click here

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