“Gorgeously photographed … the awesome spectacle of life triumphing over annihilation.”
- The New York Times

“The funniest Holocaust-themed doc yet made … warmly entertaining, beautiful, the ultimate revenge on Hitler.”
- Time Out New York

“Surprisingly upbeat docu debut…resonate(s) powerfully.”Variety

“Surprising, joyous … inspirational in unexpected ways.”Los Angeles Times

Must-see.” - Newsday

“Surprising, graceful.” – Michelle Orange, Village Voice

“An exquisite observational documentary”
–, Int’l Documentary Association

Lands in a class of its own … cosmically inspiring
– IndieWIRE

“Make a point of seeing this film, it is a remarkable one!”
– The Independent

“Like a funny visit with the grandparents, times 100″
– New York Magazine

“An iconoclastic band of outsiders is profiled with unmitigated affection and respect…A bittersweet, life-affirming documentary”
– Jewish News Weekly

“heartwarming, poignant and surprisingly funny”
– East Hampton Press

“Packs more wisdom than the best therapy session”
– Christian Toto, Washington Times

“party, reminisce, and revel in the binds of communal triumph over historical tragedy … an essential document, both a tribute to the pain of bearing witness and an embodiment of it”
– Karina Longworth, SPOUTblog

“Despite the terrible reality in their past, the film’s subjects come across as ordinary people with very human concerns and joys … captures the simultaneously timeless and fleeting quality of a memorable summer, juxtaposing a well-paced narrative and a compelling, unscripted storyline with tender, intimate moments in the subjects’ lives.”
– The Boston Globe

Read about FOUR SEASONS LODGE at the Hamptons International Film:

New York Magazine
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New York Magazine Newsday — East Hampton Press

The Independent — Dan’s Papers

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